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Steven and Florence
San Mateo, California

   I have been designing butterfly displays since January 1990. I make each and every display from start to finish and sign and date each display. I do believe the quality of my butterflies and acrylic displays are the finest in the world.

  Inside my website, you will find the most beautiful Exotic Rainforest Butterflies nature has to offer. I purchase my exotic butterflies from Butterfly Breeding Farms in South America, Papua, New Guinea, and Indonesia to name a few. I do not collect any of the butterflies I use for display and none are endangered. Most exotic butterflies live about 3 weeks. In these enclosed plantations they flourish in their natural surroundings and they die naturally.

  My displays contain only "A/1 Museum Quality Butterflies". The highest quality available for purchase, yours to treasure forever. Once mounted in these airtight crystal clear acrylic displays, they are timelessly preserved for a lifetime of enjoyment.

  The images on my site will give you an idea of how beautiful these butterflies look, but until you actually have one of my displays in your hands, you will not know how truly incredible this art really is.

  My Butterfly Displays make the Perfect Gift for Weddings, Birthdays or any occasion. Decorate your home or office with the beautiful Art of Real Exotic Butterflies.

  Please call me personally to discuss any questions you may have. I can be reached between 9 AM and 6 PM PST. At (650) 345-8595.

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