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12" x 18"

Zebra Meadows (L)

Golden Skies (R)

Flights of Fancy (horizontal)


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Thank you for visiting my Butterfly Gallery

The 12" x 18" size is where you can see my creativity. The larger the display the more fun I have creating. I have seven more 12" x 18" displays. Go to to Windows of Tiffany (inside). These seven very special displays were selected by Tiffany & Co. to be displayed in their San Francisco Union Square Store. Their lighting, my exotic butterflies and Tiffany's magnificent one of a kind jewelry made for a breathtaking window display.

On a personal note: I recall one evening Florence and I went to San Francisco to view the window display. It was around midnight. While looking at the four Tiffany windows, a small group of people started to gather. One individual mentioned how beautiful the butterflies looked, so I instinctively said thank you. I mentioned that they were my butterflies. Well, all of a sudden everyone wanted to know everything there was about the beautiful butterflies. We all talked for about 20 minutes. There were now over a dozen people gathered. People from all over the world and I must admit I was glowing. Just like my butterflies.

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